The last mile solution for the food distribution industry

Wholesale Produce Inventory

Inventory Management
Let Ordena maange your inventory. With Ordena, all you need to focus on is receiving new inventory and fullfilling orders. When you complete your orders or receive new inventory, your numbers are automatically updated ensuring your inventory is always up to date.
Automated Ordering
Ordena tracks your inventory and knows when your stocked product is running low. When it hits your threshold, an order is automatically sent for more inventory to the closest vendor, for the cheapest price, or preferred vendor based on your preferences.
Built In Payment
Ordena's built in payment solution means all transactions are hassle free. Whether you're buying or selling, once an order has been confirmed, all monetary transactions are completed using your preferred account. Merchandise on credit is also tracked.
In the Future
Predictive Analytics

Demand Projection

Futures Contracts
About the Company
Ordena LLC is a startup looking to help digitize medium to small wholesale produce sellers' businesses. Through our SaaS application, wholesale distributors, restaurants, and grocery stores can focus on growing their business without worrying about their inventory, all while maximizing their profit margins.
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